Why Do People Poach Elephants?

The motive was not always monetary.

However, many hunters were indiscriminate in their choice of elephants to kill – young, old, male or female, it did not matter, as the primary purpose was ivory to sell and elephant meat to feed their hunting party.

Why do we poach elephants?

With no access to their natural habitat, elephants are forced into deadly confrontations with humans where neither species wins. Asian elephants are also poached for their ivory tusks, meat and body parts while baby elephants are captured from the wild and sold into the tourism industry.

Why do people poach?

Usually, bushmeat is considered a subset of poaching due to the hunting of animals regardless of the laws that conserve certain species of animals. Another major cause of poaching is due to the cultural high demand of wildlife products, such as ivory, that are seen as symbols of status and wealth in China.

How many elephants are killed each year by poachers?

The WWF estimate that around 20,000 African elephants are being killed each year for their ivory – that’s an average of 55 a day.

Why do people want elephant tusks?

Ivory was prized for containers due to its ability to keep an airtight seal. It was also commonly carved into elaborate seals utilized by officials to “sign” documents and decrees by stamping them with their unique official seal.

How long until elephants are extinct?

The African elephant will disappear within two decades if urgent action is not taken to save one of the world’s most iconic animal species, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has warned in a new campaign fundraiser.

Why should we stop elephant poaching?

Starting from local communities in Africa to fight poachers, till the European metropolis to stop trade and sellers. WHY IS IMPORTANT TO TAKE ACTION AGAINST POACHING: TO PROTECT WILDLIFE – EACH 15 MINUTES AN ELEPHANT DIES BECAUSE OF POACHING, AT THIS RATE AFRICAN ELEPHANT WILL BE EXTINCT BY 11 YEARS.