Which Country National Fruit Is Strawberry?

What is the national fruit of all countries?

List of national fruits name and country’s name

Country’s NameNational Fruits Name
PakistanMango (Summer National fruit), Guava (Winter National fruit)
IndonesiaJackfruit, Durian
ChinaFuzzy kiwi, Jujube
CambodiaChicken egg banana

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Which country is famous for fruits?

World Top Ten Countries With Most Fruits Production
Production (Million Tonnes)

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Which country national fruit is kiwi?

National fruits

CountryCommon nameScientific name
PakistanMango (Summer national fruit)Mangifera indica
Guava (Winter national fruit)Psidium spp
PhilippinesMangoMangifera indica
New ZealandKiwifruitActindia deliciosia

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Which country national fruit is mango?