What Should I Pack For Myanmar?

What should I wear in Myanmar?

Try wearing Burmese clothes, like the Longyi (for women) and Pasu (for men). These are worn in place of pants or skirts, as they have plenty of ventilation compared to their Western counterparts. For more on the merits of wearing Myanmar’s national dress, read about the longyi and why it’s good manners to wear it.

Can you wear shorts in Yangon?

It’s okay to wear shorts in Yangon. When visiting temples, for women, knee length (or just above) shorts are fine. However, your shoulders should be covered – no tank tops or camisoles. Men should wear long pants in temples.

Is Myanmar dangerous for tourists?

For the vast majority of visitors, travel in Myanmar is safe and should pose no serious problems. Some areas of the country remain off limits due to ongoing civil war and/or landmines. In off-the-beaten-track places, where authorities are less used to seeing foreigners, local officials may ask you what you are up to.

What is the best month to visit Myanmar?

The best time to visit Burma, therefore, is during the drier winter months of October to March. It’s hot during the daytime, and lowland temperatures remain pleasant at night – although bring much warmer layers for the highlands and hill stations as they are chilly in the evenings.

Where should I avoid in Myanmar?

Insurgents & Landmines

Large parts of northern, eastern and southern Shan State, as well as areas in Kachin, Kayin and Rakhine States, remain off limits to travellers because of ongoing fighting between the Burmese military and various armed ethnic organisations. Landmines in restricted border areas are a threat.

Can you drink tap water in Myanmar?

Don’t drink tap water. Drink only bottled water and soft drinks that haven’t been opened. Chinese food is readily available and commonly suggested. Myanmar food is often regarded by westerners as being ‘oily’.

How much do you tip in Myanmar?

Here are our guidelines for tipping in Myanmar. For a good job, we’d suggest tipping $7-10 per day which equates to 10,000 kyat (the Burmese currency). For top service, we’d suggest giving 2/3rds of that given to the guide accompanying you, so $3-5 per day or 6,000 kyat.

Do and don’ts in Myanmar culture?

Don’t point a finger straight in others’ faces. Don’t point with your foot: In Myanmar the feet convey messages. Pointing with your feet means disrespect. 4, Don’t touch anybody on the head: The head is the most esteemed part of the body.

Do you tip in Myanmar Restaurant?

Tipping for drivers in Myanmar should be $3-$5 per day for top service. In most cases, this depends on how much he is driving you at. And to the restaurants, it’s not a must you tip. But if you feel convinced that their services were worth tipping, you can do a tip of about 10% of the total bill.

Is Myanmar rich or poor?

For the 2018 estimate, GDP per capita in Myanmar will be $6,509 in PPP per capita and $1,490 in nominal per capita.

Economy of Myanmar.

Population below poverty line32.1% (2015) 30% on less than $3.20/day (2015)
Human Development Index0.584 medium (2018) (145th) 0.448 IHDI (2018)

32 more rows

What vaccinations do I need for Myanmar?

The National Travel Health Network and Centre and WHO recommend the following vaccinations for Myanmar: hepatitis A, hepatitis B, typhoid, cholera, yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis, rabies, polio and tetanus. Recommended for most travellers to the region, especially if unvaccinated.

How expensive is Myanmar?

So, a trip to Myanmar for two people costs around MMK1,298,448 for one week. A trip for two weeks for two people costs MMK2,596,896 in Myanmar. If you’re traveling as a family of three or four people, the price person often goes down because kid’s tickets are cheaper and hotel rooms can be shared.

Do I need malaria tablets for Myanmar?

Atovaquone/proguanil OR doxycycline OR mefloquine is advised for those at risk. Low to no risk areas: antimalarials are not usually recommended.

What do I wear in Myanmar?

For special occasions, the people in Myanmar wear only their best Burmese traditional clothes, made from silk and with intricate details. Nowadays, not all Burmese people dress traditionally in longyi. Some of them (both women and men) prefer to wear medium lenght/ long pants.

Do you need a visa to go to Myanmar?

To enter Burma, you must have a valid passport with at least six months remaining validity and a valid visa. You should apply for your visa at a Burmese embassy or consulate abroad before you arrive in Burma. Once you are approved for the visa, the visa needs to be used within three months.