Quick Answer: What Is The Most Trafficked Animal In The World?

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What is pangolin scales used for?

Pangolin scales, like rhino horn, have no proven medicinal value, yet they are used in traditional Chinese medicine to help with ailments ranging from lactation difficulties to arthritis. The scales typically dried and ground up into powder, which may be turned into a pill.

How many pangolins are trafficked each year?

By the most conservative estimates, 10,000 pangolins are trafficked illegally each year. If you assume only 10% to 20% of the actual trade is reported by the news media, the true number trafficked over a two-year period was 116,990 to 233,980, according to Annamiticus, an advocacy group.

What is the most poached animal?


How much is a pangolin worth?

The distinctive yet docile and reclusive creature is being poached into extinction amid an unyielding demand in China and Vietnam for pangolin meat and scales. Authorities in Singapore seized over 14 tons of pangolin scales estimated to be worth about $38.7 million on April 3, 2019.

Are pangolins bulletproof?

Pangolins are special animals, after more than 80 million years of evolution, they carry on themselves special scales that can bulletproof. Pangolins are the only mammals in the world with scaly armor around the body.

Are pangolin scales bulletproof?

Pangolins, like this black bellied pangolin in the Democratic Republic of Congo, are the only known mammals with scales. Their scales, made of keratin, are lightweight but surprisingly fracture-resistant thanks to the way the keratin is organized.