Quick Answer: Is It A Curse To Get Someone’s Name Tattooed On You?

According to this curse, getting a tattoo of a lover’s name dooms a relationship.

And recent research backs this up, finding that a common reason for wanting a tattoo is to pay tribute to a partner.

Is it bad luck to get someone’s name tattooed on you?

Some people feel that getting their loved one’s name tattooed on them would just be tempting the Gods of mayhem. Names tattooed upon your body won’t make you or the other person any more committed to each other and it is not like a shirt that you can take off. Think about it.

What does it mean when someone tattoos your name on them?

That’s often used in a similar way to keep someone in a relationship so it sounds serious and makes the other person think they’re “the one” when really the relationship is unstable or the person is manipulative and knows exactly what they’re doing, either way, not good.

Should I get my girlfriends name tattooed on me?

Getting someone’s name tattooed on your skin is only appropriate for couples that have been married for a long time, since there already is a real sense of permanence and commitment to the relationship. She doesn’t want you to do it. That should be the end of the conversation right there.

Are matching tattoos a curse?

There’s an old wives’ tale in tattooing that it’s a curse to get someone’s name tattooed on you. We tell people before we tattoo them that historically, most of the time when people get names tattooed on them, they’re going to split up. They don’t think of tattoos as permanent as much as they used to.

What tattoo says about you?

A serious tattoo on the forearm says that the person is strong and tough. If the tattoo is sweet and girly, it means that the person might look tough on the outside, but they’re really emotional deep inside. If the tattoo is placed at the front of the neck, it means that the person is tough and open for everyone.

Are couple tattoos a good idea?

“Sometimes people get couples tattoos as an attempt to put the spark back into their relationship,” he says. “That’s not a good idea.” Put simply, you’re probably not ready for couples tattoos if there’s even a slight chance that the relationship won’t last.

Why do guys tattoo their girlfriends name on them?

But it likely means he is insecure about himself and the relationship itself. Along the same lines as someone who showers their partner in gifts so they stay with them, likely because they don’t feel like they have much else to offer or bring to the relationship with their personality so they use money as a substitute.

Is it bad luck to tattoo your wife’s name?

Your Significant Other’s Name

Getting your significant other’s name tattooed, no matter how well your relationship is going, is considered a kiss of death according to tattoo artists.

Is it a good idea to tattoo your boyfriends name?

You should show your boyfriend that you are committed to him, but there are far better ways to do that than getting a tattoo. In a weird way, getting a tattoo of someone’s name is one of the occasions when having a tattoo really is a skin-deep gesture. There are plenty -far better- ways to show your commitment.

Are couples tattoos bad luck?

Based on what you decide on, they should match you with an artist you can refine your vision with. It’s really bad luck to get couples tattoos or someone you’re dating, engaged to, or married to inked. That’s the key, you aren’t doing names or portraits, so why not get them?

What makes a tattoo good or bad?

For people outside of the tattoo industry, it may be difficult to tell if a tattoo is bad. A good tattoo should have fully saturated black, color and shading. When it heals, there shouldn’t be gaps or shapes in the tattoo that indicate it wasn’t filled in properly.

Is it bad luck to get your child’s name tattooed?

Well, according to Sabrina, there’s never a good reason to have someone’s name tattooed on your skin; not even your child’s. She claims that far from being a touching testament to your love for your child, a name tattoo could be a source of embarrassment in years to come – not to you, but to your offspring.