Quick Answer: Are Vegans Against Pets?

Meat is a large part of a diet for wild cats and dogs and translates over to domesticated pets as well.

This means that a vegan lifestyle forcefully applied to a pet could seriously harm the animal, causing permanent damage and possibly even death from being malnourished.

Not all vegans force their pets to eat vegan.

Are vegans allowed to have pets?

A recent study found a growing number of pet owners are feeding their dogs and cats vegetarian or vegan diets, or would like to do so. However, meat-free diets can potentially kill or sicken pets.

Why do vegans own pets?

This is because cats are carnivores and therefore require a meat-based diet. Vegans are, by definition, against buying and consuming animals and animal-based products. This arguably applies to pet food that contains animal. Meat is meat, especially if it comes from the same industry.

Do vegans own cats?

As for felines: there is more legitimate concern around the subject of raising cats on a vegan diet because cats are considered true carnivores. However, this does not mean they cannot obtain all the nutrients they need from synthetically supplemented vegan cat food.

Do vegans agree with guide dogs?

Vegans don’t agree about the use of service dogs. Some vegans view it as a form of exploitation. But not all vegans agree with this. In practice, most vegans seem to be fine with most uses of service dogs.